Neurotic Nymphos

All of the scorching sluts in this gonzo — care of director Aiden Riley and Evil Angel — do anal (hell, Ivy Lebelle even does a DP!), except for Alina Lopez, who’s just a pleasure to view in action either way with all of the featured lasses not only placing in truly filthy performances, but also displaying what very good minor actresses they are, portraying neurotic chickadees.

We commence off with the ever-foxy Adira Allure squirting in the lemonade of her unknowing laborers, played by Chris Diamond and Jason Moody then, right in front of the guys, as they perform by her swimming pool, placing a hose up her pussy and going bonkers, afterwards squirting oil up her asshole, letting it out and ultimately possessing the lads come inside (no kidding!) and simultaneously amazing her down/heat her up with their raging hard-ons in one apocalyptic scene, indeed. Adira is, truly, a pretty young issue, aside from becoming completely delightful.

Adira never ever stops working, either that is, she’s constantly sucking dick, even as one fortunate bastard is doggie-analyzing her. And what a excellent ass on this excellent porn specimen. I like how one of the guys goes back and forth ‘tween her ass and pussy for the duration of doggie, followed by the other guy doing the actual very same nasty issue. Also, examine out her upside-down bj. Whoa! How does she even breathe? I additionally dig how she has the boys go similarly back and forth for the duration of reverse-cowgirl (one on the bottom, one on prime) ‘tween her twat and rectum. She even squirts into her very own mouth! Mama! The two guys inevitably cream into Adira’s ever-famished pussy, jerking off into her gaping vagina while she’s in the jackhammer place. This dirty dame undoubtedly lives up to the movie’s title! — as the two neurotic and (greater even now!) nymphomaniacal.

Following, sexpot Chanel Grey is pissed off that her net is not working, ultimately receiving it on with the cable guy, in the form of Brock Cooper, with Grey playing fairly the ditz, completely forgetting that she even produced the contact in the very first spot, then doing every thing she can to have the Brockster repair her very own “box” rather than her cable box highlights here becoming Grey taking that Cooper-cock way into the back of her throat taking Brock-bat up her anus then inside her twat — back and forth (seems like a recurring theme here) — for the duration of doggie Grey loving to get spanked while she gapes like a pro ditto for all of the above for the duration of missionary and the two Brock &amp Cock, LLC ultimately blasting boy batter all over her face Chanel blowing bubbles with it prior to swallowing it all down. Excellent girl.

Luscious-as-fuck Alina Lopez is freaking out considering that her boyfriend left her, speaking to herself in the mirror and losing it while she’s on the cellphone with the dude Lopez ultimately calling up Isiah Maxwell to cum over and chill her out with some big greasy cock in her hungry mouth and twitchin’ pussy for the duration of one explosive slam job. Yep, Alina’s but yet another great cock-gagger, and she even now seems to be pretty when she gets all o’ her very own saliva all over the place upon her face. Viewing Lopez receiving all oiled up then cock-crammed by means of missionary is way horny, as well as viewing her deepthroat that behemoth of a cock while she’s upside-down. “I love spitting and choking on your cock,” she purrs in-in between gags and gasps. Yet another truly memorable sequence is Lopez’s juicy butt cheeks wobblin’ all over Maxwell’s throbbing erection for the duration of cowgirl, while doggie with that incredible Alina ass is even a lot more out of this globe. Maxwell ultimately bangs her doggie fashion while standing, then blasts bazooka construct-up all over her gluttonous tongue — and even nowpretty face! Incredible. Cannot wait to see this ultra-fox do anal!

And we finish with one volcanic gonzo climax (in a lot more ways than one!), as Ivy Lebelle gets majorly DP’d by tatted wonders Tommy Pistol and Small Hands, with the latter playing a therapist, while Pistol portrays an even greater weirdo than Ivy (just contact it upstaging) Lebelle complaining that she’s becoming ignored and requirements a lot more (surprise, surprise) consideration (there’s a new one for ya in porn, eh?) with Small Hands supplying loads of consideration, as Pistol promptly (smartly!) joins in large points here becoming Ivy’s double-dick attack with her nympho’s mouth Smally ass-fucking her doggie, while her big, pillowy ass is bent over Pistol taking the actual very same, equally steaming crack at that crack a truly butt-cheek-undulating doggie DP… twice, even Lebelle taking it up the ass for the duration of spoon and begging to be spanked more difficult Lebelle seeking as if she’s in heaven as she’s cornholed by means of missionary, which morphs into (go figure) a mish DP (haven’t observed one o’ those lately) and the two lads ever-romantically spraying spermatozoa all over her sexy Ivy face.

Yep, this wonderfully unusual entry from director Aiden Riley is filled to the brim with the best in sluttery, considering that the women selected are excellent sluts, all of whom look perfectly fuckable … and are, in flip, perfectly excellent for this organization — from Adira (possibly my fave here), to Chanel, to Alina, to Ivy. This film … you women … rock! Not-to-be-missed filth!