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Arctic Day: Aurora Viewing Tour | evening

As one of the most sought-after Northern experiences, a Yukon vacation is only complete with a viewing of the aurora borealis cascading across the Yukon night sky.

Yukon Aurora Viewing Package | 4 days

On this 4-day (three nights) Best Value Aurora Viewing tour inclusive City Tour, you’ll discover scenic Whitehorse, the Yukon’s capital, surrounded by endless mountains. On three successive evenings, you’ll travel just outside the city centre, but far enough from the city lights to an idyllic Northern Lights viewing location, the AuroraCentre. The evenings will feature relaxing Northern Lights viewing beside a roaring campfire – the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing vacation. Day times are free for optional sightseeing, shopping and touring in and around the capital.

Arctic Day: Yukon Wildlife & Hot Springs Tour | half day

On this half-day tour from Whitehorse, visit the Yukon Wildlife Preserve where you’ll have the opportunity to view and photograph wildlife in their natural habitat. To cap off a great day, relax at the nearby Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs.

AURORA HUNTING – The fascinating Northern Lights from various perspectives

We take you out and “hunt” for the Aurora! Instead of sitting in a cabin or a yurt, watching the overcast sky, we chase the Aurora and try to get away from light pollution and clouds.
Aurora Hunting / Chasing increases tremendously the chance to see and experience the Northern Lights since we are driving to various locations.

Arctic Day: Yukon Wildlife Half Day Viewing Tour

We will visit the Yukon Wildlife Preserve where you’ll have the opportunity to view and photograph wildlife in its natural habitat. Dalls sheep, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, mule deer, wapiti (elk), woodland caribou, wood bison, musk-ox, moose, arctic fox and even lynx can all be seen on this tour. It’s a photographer’s and naturalist’s dream to see Yukon’s wildlife up close and you will be in the front-row to learn about wildlife living year-round in the True North.

Yukon Ice Fishing & Snowshoeing Tour | half day

Strap on a pair of lightweight, modern snowshoes and experience the rugged Yukon backcountry with this guided, 4-hour tour. On this half-day, small-group snowshoeing adventure, explore like the gold miners, trappers, and fur traders of days gone by. Snowshoe rental plus snacks and beverages are included.

Yukon Snowshoeing Adventure | half day

On this half-day snowshoeing tour, strap on a pair of lightweight modern snowshoes and experience the rugged backcountry just like the gold miners, trappers and fur traders of days gone by. Drinks and snacks, are included with this experience along with pick-up and drop off to and from your hotel.

3 Days Tour Fall Color in Yukon from Whitehorse

Experience the real Yukon and lifestyle with the native dogs during one of the most spectacular times of the year, on this 3-day guided tour. Fall is the time when the days are still warm and long to enjoy lots of outdoor time and the nights are dark to have a chance to see the Northern Lights dancing in the sky. Learn about our life with over hundred Huskies and be part of the fall training with the dogs, take in all the amazing fall colors when canoeing on the Takhini River and enjoy the Yukon Wildlife at the Preserve. Meals are all home cooked in the lodge and you will feel like family. Maximum group size is 8.

Active Winter Adventure in Yukon | 5 days

Experience five days of winter adventure in the far north. Enjoy snowmobiling, dog sledding, and the breathtaking winter scenery from above with a sightseeing flight. See wildlife up-close at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve and pamper yourself with a dive into the soothing hot water of the Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs. This is an eventful winter tour in the Yukon for young and young-at-heart travelers.

Arctic Day: Kluane National Park Tour | full day

On this tour you will visit the magnificent Kluane National Park, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. We will visit the scenic Kathleen Lake and enjoy a short hike at the Rock Glacier which bursts a magnificent view across lakes and mountains surrounding Kluane National Park. Visiting the historic indigenous Klukshu Village we will also have the chance to see wild salmon reaching their spawning grounds. In Haines Junction we will visit the Da Kų Cultural Centre to learn more about the rich history of Kluane National Park, which is home to the largest non-polar ice field.

Northern Lights and Huskies

Our location is very unique and our family are our dogs. We do have over 100 friendly and lovable dogs on site. “We are a place for people who love dogs”

We are located outside the city light pollution so northern lights are visible directly overhead of our lodge, no need to drive anywhere. In addition to that we are located right at the shores of a river and for as long as the river is no frozen (until late October) there is a chance to get mirror pictures of the Northern Lights.

Yukon Summer Dream – Active Summer Adventure | 5 days

Experience five days of summer adventure in the far north. We’ll take you hiking, canoeing, show you the breathtaking summer scenery from above with a sightseeing flight. We let you see wildlife upclose at the “Yukon Wildlife Preserve” and pamper you with a dive into the soothing hot water of the Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs.

Yukon Wildlife Preserve & Takhini Hot Springs

Join us for a tour to the fantastic Yukon Wildlife Preserve, a large wildlife preserve close to nature. It hosts all the Far North’s animals except for bears, which must not be kept in preserves by law. We will spot bison, elk, Dall sheep, mountain goats, polar foxes, caribous, lynxes and many more. 
You can either explore the preserve by foot or opt for a guided bus tour.

After hopefully having seen, watched and photographed all the preserve’s animals, we will visit Takhini Hot Springs, where we can relax in the hot springs’ mineral water for an hour.
Please don’t forget to bring your trunks or swimming suit and a towel.

Takhini River Summer Camping

This Adventures has a little bit of everything. There will be a short section of whitewater , which also can be easily portaged. Most the river is easy to paddle with amazing views. The peace and quiet is surreal if you never experience it. Our adventures will only be with small groups of no more than 4 boats. Our river guides are certified and experienced. Wildlife in the Ibex valley is abundant and there is a change to see some bears, beavers, eagle, moose or more along the way. And of course it would not be a Muktuk Adventure if there would not be at least one dog joining the adventure.

Arctic Day: Hiking Tour | half day

On this tour, you’ll see some of the most breathtaking views of the Yukon’s landscape and scenery including Miles Canyon.

KLUANE NATIONAL PARK – Day-Trip from Whitehorse

Our exclusive day trip to Haines Junction and Kluane National Park is a terrific opportunity to explore one of Canada’s most beautiful National Parks first-hand. The tour includes a visit to Kathleen Lake and Klukshu Village. Optional: Flightseeing!

Please note: Some of the attractions are only available seasonally and might not be entirely accessible within specified times.

Arctic Day: Yukon River Canoeing Tour | half day

On this tour from Whitehorse, canoe down the historic Yukon River and enjoy the peaceful scenery. A great day trip for beginner paddlers and a perfect way to enjoy this classic northern river.

Arctic Day: White Pass Train & Skagway | full day

This tour starts in Whitehorse and we travel along the South Klondike Highway to Fraser, BC, connecting with the world famous narrow gauge White Pass railway over the White Pass Summit and into Skagway, Alaska.
In Skagway you will have the chance to discover the historic downtown, the gateway for many Stampeders on they way to the Klondike Goldfields.

Northern Lights in Canada Shared Tour

Experience this magical adventure once in the life in Whitehorse. You will be amazed with a hunt of 4 nights searching this wonderful show at one of the more beautiful places at the world.

Day-Trip To Skagway – Gateway to the Klondike Goldrush

Follow the footsteps of the early prospectors of Klondike Goldrush. Experience a scenic drive from Whitehorse to Skagway, passing Emerald Lake, Carcross Desert, the Village of Carcross and White Pass. Enjoy the spectacular scenery on the way to the Pacific Ocean and listen to the stories from the experienced local tour guide.

Please note: Some of the attractions are only available seasonally and might not be entirely accessible within specified times.

Arctic Day: Carcross & Southern Lakes Hiking Tour | full day

Starting in Whitehorse, we stop first at the beautiful ‘Miles Canyon’ with it’s famous suspension bridge and continue on to the South Klondike Highway where the mountains rise as we approach Carcross and the Southern Lakes region – which is well know as the photographer’s paradies. We visit the smallest desert in the world – the Carcross desert – and we visit Carcross, a charming lakeshore village teeming with First Nations and gold-rush history. On a beginner-level hiking tour on scenic trails we will be overlooking the grand Southern Lakes. This region is nowadays the final stop for the White Pass Railway. Of course we will also admire Emerald Lake, called „Rainbow Lake” from the locals due to its sensational coloration.

Yukon Gold Experience feat. Emerald Lake & Carcross

Gold! This one word roared across North America in 1896, as hundreds of thousands rushed to the Klondike with dreams of striking it rich. Now over a century later, that passion lives on, as visitors from across the globe continue to trace the footsteps of the world’s greatest Gold Rush. Pan for gold, explore Miles Canyon, and learn the true history of the Klondike Gold Rush. With lakes, beaches, the World’s Smallest Desert and the small First Nations community of Carcross along the way, the Yukon Gold Experience shows the true breadth the North has to offer.

Jeep Wrangler & Rooftop Tent

Experience the north through Overland Yukon. Explore Yukon’s Kluane National Park or send yourself back in time to experience the Klondike Gold Rush in Dawson City. Hike to the top of a mountain peak and bask in the presence of good company over a campfire.

Our premium Jeep rentals are fully equipped with rooftop tents and all inclusive camping gear making the logistics of camping a breeze. Just show up with your personal belongings and get ready to hit adventure mode. Be sure to set your ‘Out of Office’ reply as you wont want to miss a beat.

Romantic tour in Yukon

An exclusive tour for all the romantics of the world! Together with the professional local guide, you will visit the most romantic places in the city. You will feel spellbound in a charming atmosphere. What is considered as one of the best places to have a date in the city? Where can you make lovely photos? You will be surprised how many historical love stories are hidden in the streets, buildings, parks of the city. From heartbreaking and tragic, to the hilarious or spicy ones. Desire to discover a place that postcards were made for? Emerald Lake is the most significant spot to explore. One of the most tranquil and photographed places? This lake is the best option as many other nature locations. This tour is especially recommended in the Saint Valentine period!

Canoe Trip in the Yukon on Big Salmon River

15 day guided wilderness canoe trip on the Big Salmon River, wildlife viewings from the seat of your canoe. the crackle of the campfire and learning new outdoor skills await you. Two Lakes give ample time to get acquainted with the new element. For the next 11 days we follow the path of the Big Salmon River. Over time we get used to the narrow river, tight bends and sometimes quick manoeuvrers. Sweepers and faster water alternates with more sedate sections. Seasoned paddlers and ambitious beginners alike will be inspired by this untouched wilderness river.

As we float downstream we will be on the watch for moose and eagles. Beaver lodges are a common sight, King Salmon are coming up the river to spawn and swim right by the canoes.
The last three days we float down the mighty Yukon River and get a glimpse of the gold rush days.
Your guide will be able to explain lots about wildlife, plants and traditional lifestyle in the wilderness.

Trip date : 16.8. – 30.8. 2020

10-Day Tatshenshini River Expedition

Spend 10 days exploring, adventuring and reconnecting with yourself and those on the river with you, 10 days that will be with you for the rest of your life!

This Journey is not solely focused on the time spent on the river; the shorter river days and long hours of sunlight allow for excursions from camp each afternoon before settling in for a campfire dinner under a star-filled sky. Two layover days also allow those who chose to attempt more vigorous hikes to take in the surrounding tundra and glaciers.

The Best of Yukon Walking Tour

Together with the professional guide, you will visit the most charming places in the city. You will have a chance to explore the city, while hearing fascinating facts and legends. Desire to discover a place that postcards were made for? Emerald Lake is the most significant spot to explore. One of the most tranquil and photographed places? This lake is the best option as many other nature locations. You will be surprised how many stories are hidden in the streets, buildings and corners of The Yukon. Your charming guide will tell you what is special and unique about living in this city. Perfect for those who are visiting the city for the first time and want to get the most of it!

Arctic Tundra & Dawson City | naturally wild

Enjoy Yukon’s most charming cities, the capital of the Yukon, Whitehorse and a small town in the North with a huge personality – Dawson city, unlike any place on earth. On our road trip to Dawson City you will be accompanied by a fascinating landscape. Often described as a living museum, Dawson City’s boardwalk-lined streets contain many attractions and historical artifacts, back from the gold rush. Try your luck at Diamond Tooth Gerties, a unique casino with cabaret-style entertainment of the gold rush era and explore the history of all famous writers like Robert Service, Jack London and Pierre Berton. Are you ready to pan for gold in the rivers and creeks surrounding Dawson? We will bring you to an active gold mine outside of town. To continue your Yukon adventure we’ll go right into the heart of the Tombstone mountains, where you will be surrounded by an epic, colorful scenery and pristine wildlife.

Whitehorse Craft Brewery & Beer Tasting Tour

Craft beer is our passion. At our Exclusive Whitehorse Brewery Tour, we take great pride in connecting you with the Whitehorse craft beer community.

Our journey will take you to three craft breweries in Whitehorse. Enjoy a behind the scenes tour, VIP access, learn the story of each brewery, and most importantly, enjoy the beers you love with friends, new and old!

We will visit Yukon Brewing, the first brewery in Whitehorse, established in 1997. We also visit Winterlong Brewing outside town. Our last stop will be at Woodcutter’s Blanket.

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